The elite directory of Saint Louis society
Ludewig, Mary, Miss, 2707 Olivest.street
Luke, Fannie, Miss.,.3026, Easton ave.avenue
McAnally, D. R., Mrs., 5th, nr.near Olive. Carondelet
McClellan, Lillie, Miss, 3428 Morganst.street
McComb, Jessie, Miss, Webster Grove.
McCombs, J. M., Mrs., 2307 Lueas Place.
McCord, M. W.Mrs., 411 S.Highst.street
McCormaek, C. B., Mrs., 2612 N.north 10thst.street
McDonough, Clara, Miss, 1106 Madisonst.street
McKee, Sarah, Miss, 3428 Morganst.street
McKee, Wm.William, Mrs., 1217 Washington ave.avenue
McManus, Wm.William, Mrs., 3739 Lucas ave.avenue
McQueen, W. N., Mrs., 2017 Park ave.avenue
Madden, Michael, Mrs., 818 LaBeaumest.street
Madill, G. A., Mrs., 3119 Chestnutst.street
Maffitt, Julia, Mrs., 18th and Lucas Place.
Maguire, C., Mrs., 1129 Morrison ave.avenue
Mansur, A., Mrs., 1104 Morrison ave.avenue
Mantz, C. A., Mrs., 2112 Walnut ave.avenue
Markham, Wm.William H.Mrs., 1125 S.10th St.
Marmaduke, D. W., Carondelet rd.road , near Walshst.street
Marmaduke, Leslie, e. s.east side Carondelet, near Pennsyl-
vania ave.avenue
Marmaduke, V., Mrs., Lindell Hotel.
Martin, Agnes, Miss, 16th and Walnut sts.streets
Mauntel, B. F., Mrs., w. s.west side Kansas ave.avenue , near Neosho.
Meacham, E. C.,121 Vinest.street
Mellier, A. A., Mrs., 2602 Pinest.street
Mense, Mary, Mrs., 3104 Morganst.street
Michel, E. C.,Dr., Mrs., w. s.west side Pine. bet.between 14th and 15th.
Miller, Miss, Kirkwood.
Miller,Edgar, Mrs., 3116 Morganst.street
Monks, S. V., Mrs., 3014 Pinest.street
Montague, Jennie, Miss, 1103 Olivest.street
Moody,M., Mrs., s.w.southwest cor.corner 17th and Olive sts.streets
Moody, S. Allen. Webster Grove.
Moore, H. I, Mrs., 1221 St. Ange ave.avenue
Moore, J. S., Mrs., 1913 Washington ave.avenue
Mudd, H. T., Mrs., Kirkwood.
Mulford, Carrie,Miss, 2121 Eugeniast.street
Mulhall, Joseph, Mrs., 3537 Morganst.street
Nashe, Katie, Miss, 2323 Olivest.street