The elite directory of Saint Louis society
First calls.

In the immediate neighborhood, first calls among
social equals are due from the oldest resident. This
rule does not extend to the different grand divisions
of the city, nor even to remote districts in the same


After a residence of some years, the distinction of
oldest or newest resident is lost, and either party may
make the first call at pleasure, or as occasion may


Lovers of literature, music, or art, may at pleasure,
or on any occasion, call on any other of like taste
without regard to local divisions, and without cere-
mony, to form a personal acquaintance, or invite to a
social affair to gratify the common taste. In such
cases the parties are presumed to be known to each
other by social reputation, and a reasonable discre-
tion will avoid any serious mistake. Not to respond
in some way to such an invitation, would be regarded
as an affront, and afterwards the person invited must
make a return call, or the acquaintance will termi-


The first call is due to the families of the clergy,
and to all high officials, including the mayor, judges,
and senators.