The elite directory of Saint Louis society
New Year’s code.

Gentlemen may commence calling at nine o’clock
in the morning, and will leave cards where the ladies
may not be ready to receive them at so early an hour.


At or before ten o’clock, the ladies should be in
their parlors ready to receive callers.


Calling may continue until ten o’clock in the even-
ing, but not later.


First calls are due to the clergy and their families,
and they may receive calls on New Year’s day, or
make them at their pleasure.


Wines are not expected, and when on the table, are
rarely offered to guests. Liquors are prohibited.
Coffee is the standard beverage of the day. In gen-
eral, tables will be supplied with substantial food,
and gentlemen will partake at their usual hours.


Calls are expected from friends, and gentlemen will
not take the liberty of introducing strangers, except
under special circumstances, which seem to warrant
such a liberty. A gentleman calling with friends may
introduce them, but this, as a rule, is a mere formality,
and gives no privileges unless followed by a subse-
quent invitation to the house.