The elite directory of Saint Louis society

First calls, especially neglected ones, may be made
on New Year’s day; and if friendly relations have
been disturbed, either party may offer to resume them
by making a New Year’s call.


Should ill health, absence, number of calls to be
made, or other cause prevent making any intended
calls on New Year’s day, they may be made at any
time during the month; or if that is not practicable,
cards may be sent by messenger or by mail, as it is
scarcely possible for any gentleman of large acquaint-
ance to make calls fully in all parts of a large city
like St. Louis, on the same day.


In cards a large liberty is allowed. A written or
engraved visiting card may be used, or a card with
the date and New Year’s compliments. An auto-
graph card is considered most complimentary.


To avoid confusion of names, and to assist the mem-
ory, gentlemen are expected to leave cards at all places
where they may call. It is considered more complimentary to leave a card for each lady, who receives
the call.


To some extent, callers have been requested to
write their signatures in an autograph album pro-
vided for the occasion, but this practice has not yet
been fully established.