Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Missouri Republican—Chambers, Knapp & Co.Company , editors and
Proprietors —published daily—office 45 nnorth First, up stairs.
Missouri Argus —Abel, Rathbone Corbin, editor and proprietor
—published daily—office c Olive and First, up stairs.
Commercial Bulletin—Churchill, Harris & Cady , editors and
proprietors —published daily—office 68 First, up stairs
Anzeiger des Westens, (Western Advertiser) —William, Weber,
editor and proprietor —published weekly—office 33 Pine.
Daily Evening Gazette—D. L. Holbrook & Co.Company , proprietors —
D. L.Holbrook, , J. S.Allen, , Wm.William S.Allen, , editors —published
daily—office 97 nnorth First, up stairs.
Daily Pennant—Foster, Hall & Shaw , publishers and proprie-
tors —G. G.Foster, , editor —published daily—office 54 nnorth First,
up stairs.
New Era —Chas. G.Ramsey, , proprietor —N.Paschall, , editor —
published daily—office 28 1/2 nnorth First, Pratte’s row, upstairs.
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