Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Western Academy of Natural Sciences, of
St. Louis

[Instituted Jan. 1st, 1837. Incorporated Feb. 9th, 1837.]

B. B.Brown, , M. D., President
GeorgeEnglemann, , M. D., Vice-pres’t
C. J.Carpenter, , M. D., Cor. Sect’y
Wm.WilliamWeber, Esq., Recording Sect’ySecretary .
M. P.Ledue, , Treasurer.
B. B.Brown, , Zoology
G.Schuetze, , Botany
F. A.Wisligenus, , M. D. , Natural Philosophy and Meteorology
G.Englemann, , M. D. , Chemistry and Mineralogy
H.King, , M. D. , Geology