Green's St. Louis directory :
Public Schools.

There are nine Public School, supported bu a fund arising from lots of
ground within the city of Saint Louis, granted by Congress for the support
of public instruction. This fund, as well as the schools, is managed by a
Board of President and Directors, consisting of two members chosen by the
people, from each ward of the city. The following are the names of the
teachers of the several schools, and the average number of scholars in each,

Male —Stibbs First Ward 70
Female Miss S.Wing, " Ward 70
Male S. M.Sill, Second Ward 90
Female Miss F.Burgess, " Ward 90
Male D. H.Armstrong, Fourth Ward 150
Female Mrs. Armstrong, " Ward 150
Do Mrs Green, " Ward 90
Male A.Chute, Sixth Ward 90
Female Miss Salsbury, " Ward 80

These Schools are all free, in a flourishing condition, and under the con-
trol of able and well qualified instructors.