Green's St. Louis directory :
Kemper College.

This Institution is situated on a commanding eminence, about five miles
from Saint Louis, and is surrounded in all directions by a landscape, which,
for extent and beauty of scenery, has scarcely an equal in the Western
country. The location has been selected with great judgement, as well as
taste; being sufficiently near to the city to enjoy all of its advantages, and
yet sufficiently remote to avoid the evils incident to a large and rising
metroplis. The principal buildings, which are of brick, consist of a main
edifice, seventy feet long and four stories high, with which are connected
two wings, of equal length, and three stories in height; thus affording
ample room and every convenience for the various purposes of the Institu-
tion. The libraries, accessible to the various students, contain about four
thousand volumes; and a cabinet of valuable specimens, to illustrate the
natural sciences,enables the student in that department to do full justice
to the various topics which he discusses.

It is the great design of this foundation, to combine a high standard of
general education with domestic discipline, and systematic religious su-
perintendence. While the course of studies embraces all the branches of
the most finished English, classical, and mathematical education, the in
ternal arrangements are essentially those of a well-ordered Christian family,
in which strict attention is paid to the habits and manners of the students,
as well as to their moral and intellectual culture. Particular prominence
will be given to the department of modern languages, and every possible
facility afforded to those who are preparing for Holy Orders. The religious
principles of the Institution are a strict adhesion to the doctrines and wor-
ship of the Protestant Episcopal church; but members of all Christian de-
nominations are cheerfully received, and are only required, in connection