Green's St. Louis directory :
Catholic Literary Institutions.
1. Theological Seminary of the diocess of St. Louis, on Decatur-street,
near Park-avenue.
2. St. Louis University , corner of Ninth and Green.
Board Of Trustees.
The Very Rev. J.Vandevelde, , President;
The Rev. George A.Carrell, , Vice-President
" J. L.Gleizal, , Chancellor;
" J. B.Druyts, , and F. P.O’Loghlen, .
Rev. George A.Carrell, , President, and Professor of Rhetoric.
Rev. J. B.Druyts, , Vice-President, and Professor of Modern Languages.
Rev. F. B.Jamison, , Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy.
Rev. F. P.O’Loghlen, , Professor of Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy.
Rev. P. Arnoudt, , Professor of Ancient Languages.
A.Litton, , M.D., Professor of Chemistry.
F.Horstmann, , Treasurer ; CharlesDriscol, , J.DeBlieck, , D.Kenney, , P. DeMees-, , GeorgeWatson, , J.DeMortier, .
Theological Department.
Rev. I. Irisari, , Professor of Moral and Dogmatic Theology, Scripture,
and Canon Law.