Green's St. Louis directory :
Medical Department.
Located on Washington-avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. Organized
in 1836; re-organized, 1844.—The regular course of Lectures commence annu-
ally on the first Monday of November, and continue four months.
Charles A.Pope, , M.D., Professor of Special, General and Surgical Anatomy.
J. V.Prather, , M.D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery, and
Dean of the Faculty.
J. W.Hall, , M.D., Professor of Physiology, Pathology and Clinical Practice.
M. L.Linton, , M.D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine.
J. G.Norwood, M.D., Professor Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Medical
A.Litton, , M.D., Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy.
M. M.Pallen, , M.D., Professor of Obstetrics, and Diseases of Women and
W. D.Stirman, , M.D., Prosector.
3. Convent Of The Sacred Heart, and Academy for Young Ladies ,
Madam EleanorGray, , Superior,
4. Academy And Boarding School For Young Ladies , on Broadway,
near Biddle Street, under the charge of the religious ladies of the Visitation.
SisterIsabella, , Superior.
5. Young Ladies’ Academy And Day School , under the care of the Sisters
of the Visitation, Sixth street, between Pine and Olive.—SisterFrancis, , Superior.
6. Catholic Male Orphan Asylum , corner of Walnut and Third streets,
under the care of the Sisters of Charity.—SisterFrancis, , Superior.
7. Catholic Female Orphan Asylum , Biddle-street, between Ninth and
Tenth, under the charge of the Sisters of Charity.—SisterBenedicta, , Superior.