Green's St. Louis directory :
County Offices.
Circuit Attorney’s office —MironLeslie, —53 Pine.
Circuit Clerk’s office —JohnRuland, —South wing of Court-house, ups.upstairs
Common Pleas Clerk’s office —N.Paschall, —South wing court-house, ups.upstairs
Coroner’s office —HughMiller, —Fourth-street, in old Court-house.
Country Clerk’s office —S. D.Barlow, —South wing of Court-house.
Criminal Clerk’s office —Julius D.Johnson, —south wing of court-house.
Marshal’s office —William S.McKnight, —Fourth-st.street , in old court-house.
Probate Clerk’s office —P.Ferguson, , Judge —South wing of court-house.
Recorder’s office —Stephen D.Barlow, —South wing of court-house.
Sheriff’s office —WilliamMilburn, —North-east corner Fifth and Market.