Green's St. Louis directory :
EdwardTracy, ,
A. G.Switzer, ,
RobertCampbell, ,
N.Berthoud, ,
George K.McGunnegle, ,
J. C.Rust, ,
J. E.Yeatman, ,
EdwardBrooks, ,
ThomasShore, ,
William T.Christy, ,
N. E.Janney, ,
LymanFarwell, ,
KennethMackenzie, ,

George, President.

L. B.Clarke,, Secretary .

The Saint Louis Insurance Company,
Incorporated by the Legislature of Missouri,
Offers to insure their fellow-citizens, throughout the U. States,
against Loss or Damage by Fire, on Buildings of
every description, & their contents; against
the dangers of the Sea and Inland Nav-
igation on all descriptions of
Goods and Money; also,
Remittances of
Money by Mail. Assuring them that the affairs of the Com-
pany shall be conducted with such fairness, candor and liberal-
ity, as they trust will entitle it to the public confidence and