The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
HermanStrachauer, , Assistant .
JosRamsay, , Teacher of Music .
W. G.Yates, , Sup’t of Work Department .
Mrs. E. W.Whelan, , Matron .

This Institution was incorporated by act of the Legislature, approved
27th Feb. 1851. The blind of both sexes are instructed in the various
branches of education, by the most approved methods for imparting in-
struction to that unfortunate class; and different kinds of useful labor, by
which they may earn a livelihood after leaving the institution. The
blind poor of the State of Missouri are admitted free of charge. Those
from other States, and those belonging to the State, who are able to pay,
are charged $150 per annum, which includes all charges for board and
education, &c. The vacation of the Institution is from the first Mon-
day in July, to the first Monday in September.

Number of pupils at present in the Institution, 15.

Visiters admitted every day in the week, except Saturdays and Sun-
days, from 2 to 5, P. M.