The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Directions to the Reader.

The reader will please to observe the following gene-
ral rule for finding the numbers on Houses’:—In those
sheets that run north and south, Main street, for in-
stance, the numbers begin at Market street, running
north and south, the odd being on the east side; in the
cross streets the numbers begin at the river, the odd be-
ing on the north side.

For the names of streets, see “List of Contents.”

As the pronunciation of a name will often admit of
various modes of spelling it, the reader is requested not,
to relinquish his search, should he not find it at the first
attempt; but to seek for it under every possible variety
the ear may dictate—d. h,stands for dwelling house;
c. h.for counting house; nnorth; ssouth; eeast; wwest; and st.street.

Where the word street is not expressed it is to bo un-
derstood, as north Main—means north Main street: and
south A—means south A street.