The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Abel, Sarah, seamstress , north Fourth, above C
Adams, Henry, carpenter , 89 south Third, below C
Adley, William, drayman , Market, below Third
Alard, L’ange, 67 north Third, above north C
Alexander, Walter B., clerk in the receiver’s office—d. h.
Bennet’s hotel
Alexandre, , see Bellessiine
Allen, David, grocer , 90 south Main
Alvarez, Auguet, farmer , Market, below Third
Alvarez, Manuel, farmer , Market, above Third
Ambrose, Celest, madame , north D, above Main
Amelin, Alexis, laborer , south B, above Main
Anderson, G.south D, above Main
Anderson, Paul, 201 north Main, above north I street
Anduze, Rev.Aristidcs, professor of special mathematics
and director of St. Louis college, south Church, be-
low Market
Armitage, Joshua, merchant , 74 north Main
Armstrong, John, cordwainer , north C St., below Main
Arnold James & Co. , merchants , 71 north Main, above
north C
Arnold, Robert, carpenter , 83 south Church, below C
Arnold, William, merchant , 71 north Main, aboven.north C
Ashley, William H., lieutenant governor of the State,
south B, above south Main
Atkinson, Henry, brigadier general in the U. S. army,
99 south Main, s. e. corner south D
Atwood, N. B., druggist , &c., 67 south Main