The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Brazeau, A.north C, east of Main
Brazeau, Louis, 59 north Main, below north C
Brazeau, Nicholas, boatman , south Main, below south I
Bright, Josiah, 54 south Third, s. w. corner south B
Britton, Mrs., widow, 37 south Main
Brown, Mary, widow, back 90 south Main
Brown, Edmund, deputy sheriff , at the office in the jail,
north Sixth, above Market
Browne, Edward, clerk in the surveyor’s office —d. h.
Bonnet’s hotel
Brown, George, carpenter , north A, above Church
Brown, Joseph C., sheriff of the county of St. Louis, of-
fice in the jail, north Sixth, above Market
Brown, William, pump maker , south H, above Third
Burchmore, George, merchant , 76 south Main, n. w. cor-
ner south C
Burns, Amariah, bookbinder , south D, above Church
Burns, Michael, grocer , north Water, above north H