The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Caillou, Francois, wheelwright , south Church, below
south J
Caillou, Louis, laborer , south Church, below south K
Callanen, Laurence, baker , 169 north Main, n. e. corner
north H
Campbell, John, commission merchant , 2 Steam boat
warehouse—d. h. 178 north Main, above north H
Carr, Francis, attorney at law, 123 south Main, s. e. cor-
ner south E
Carr, William at law, west of the land office
Carter, Edward C.physician , 32 north Main
Casey, Andrew, cordwainer , 107 south Main, below D
Castor, Daniel, wagon maker , 185 north Main, above
north H
Caufman, Joseph, victualler , north Fourth, above G
Cerre, Paschal, south Third, s. w. corner south G
Cerre, Paschal L.2d clerk in the Missouri bank , 6 north
Charless, Joseph, boarding house and livery stable, s. e.
corner Market and Fifth
Charleville, madame J.Baptiste , 111 south Church, be-
low D
Cheney, Osborn, hatter , south Church, below F
Chenie, Antoine, 2 north Main, n. w. corner of Market
Chouteau, colonel Auguste, 12 south Main, opposite the
Market house
Chouteau, Auguate P., Indian trader , 94 north Main
Chouteau, Paul L.Indian Agent , south-west corner north
Church & C
ChouteauPeter, jr.fur merchant , 11 and d. h. 111 north
ChouteauPeter, sen.124 north Main, above north E
Christman, Jonas, hat manufacturer , 10 north Main
Christy, William, register of the land office for St. Louis
district, land office
Clark, Michael W., comb maker , south Third, below G
Clark, William, late governor , 103 north Main, s. e. cor-
ner north E
Clegg, Joseph, grocer , north Sixth, above north A
Cleland, B., carpenter , north A, above Fifth
Clammens James, jr. & Co. merchants , 17 north Main
Clemont, Francis, stone mason , north A, above Church
Clemorgan, E., hairdresser , 36 north Main
Clinger, Fanny, washerwoman , 110 north Church, above
north E
Codd, James, boarding house, 140 north Main
Collett, Thomas, merchant , 17 south Main
Collier, George, merchant , 19 north Main
Collier John & Co. merchants , 19 north Main
Collins, Robert, tavern keeper , 83 south Church, below
south C
Collins, Martin, tailor , 68 north Church, above north C
Collins, Owen, milkman , north Fourth, above north B
Collins, William, carter , north Main,ne.northeast corner north F
Conklin, James, tailor , north Fourth, above Market
Conn, Edward, victualler stall 6, market house—d. h.
near governor M’Nair’s
Conner, Andrew, bottler , 66 north Church, n. w. corner
north C
Conner, Jeremiah, Church, above north B street
Conrad, d. h., attorney at law and clerk of the chancery
court for the 3d district, north side of the public
square above Fourth
Cook, Robert, merchant , inquire at Hanly’s, north Wa-
ter, s. w. corner H
Cornelius, Narcis, tavern-keeper , north Water, n. w. cor-
ner of F street
Cosgrove, Moses, stone mason , south Church, below A
Cotrell, John Milton, carpenter , north Main, near the Ox
Cowan, John, grocer , 93 north Main
Cowie John and William , livery stable, south Third, s.south
e.east corner south A
Cox, Caleb, merchant , 3 north Main
Cozens, Horatio, attorney at law, office 32 south Church,
d. h. in the rear of 51 south Main, n. e. corner s.south B
Craig, William, hatter , 78 south Church, s. w. corner
south C
Crawford, John, grocer & commission merchant , 1 Mar-
ket, n. w. corner of Water
Crely, Francois, carpenter , n. e. corner Market & Third
Crevier, Antoine, neat the north bastian, above Bennet’s
Crutsinger, Alfred, hatter , 77 north Church, above north
Cummins, James C., publisher of the Gazette , 51 south
Main, n. e. corner south B
Cuyler, David C.accounter in the land agency office, s.
A, above Main
Cyle, Adam, carpenter , 11 south Third, below Market