The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Domine, Baptiste, s. w. corner south Church & E
Douberman, John J., ornamental painter , 42 north
Dougherty, John, grocer , 107 south Church, below D
Dougherty, Matthew, drayman , 172 north Main
Douglass, Thompson, Justice of the peace, 176 north
Main, above north H
Doyle, Anthony, laborer , 140 north Main
Doyle, Edward, grocer , 81 north Third, below north D
Droddy, Elizabeth, seamstress , north H street, below Main
Dubourg, Louis William, Right Rev. Bishop of Louisi-
ana and Floridas, St. Louis College
Dubrauel, Susan, widow, Church, above north A
Dagan, William, tailor , 92 north Main
Duchouquet, Francois, south Church, s. w. corner G
Duchouquet, Pierre, madame , tavernkeeper, 118 south
Church, north-west corner E
Duchouquet, Baptiste, farmer , near Bent’s mill
Dumont, , see Gueret
Duncan, Robert, south Church, near the bridge
Duncan, William, south Main, below F
Dunlavy, Richard, carpenter , south D, above Main
Dunn, John, blacksmith , north Water, above north H
Duponts, Peter, baker , 3 Market, below Main
Durocher, Auguste, tavernkeeper , 205 north Main
Dutremble, Anthony, 87 north Church, n. e. cornern.north D