The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Haldeman, Peter, merchant , 75 north Main, above C
Hale, Elizabeth, north H, west of Water
Hall, John, tavern-keeper, painter and glazier , 26 south
Third, corner A
Hall, John L., removed to Poiosi
Hamann, M., victualier , south Church, near the bridge,
stall 4 Market
Hammond, Col.Samuel, 72 south Third, below B
Handley, James, laborer , north Seventh, above Market
Hanlon, James, tallow chandler , north Water, above
Team Boat Ferry
Hanlon & Sparrow , soap and candle manufacturers ,
north Water, above Team Boat Ferry
Hanly, Thomas, merchant , north Water, corner north H
Harden, Jane, midwife, 80 north Church
Harding, C., portrait painter , 42 north Main
Harris, Lemenda, widow, north Fourth, above G
Harris, Thomas, well digger , cor.corner north Third & B
Harris, William, comb maker , south Third, besow G