The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Lindell, Peter, metenant , 21 north Main, s. e. corner
north A
Lia, Mary, widow, 21 north Main, n. e. oorncr north A
Long, James, capnter , s. e. corner north C & Fifth
Longdon, ——, 234 north Main
Loper, James, brick layer , 119 south Main, n. e. cor. E
Louis, Paul, Indian interpreter , north Water, nbove A
Lucas, J. B. C., on the St. Charles read, ½ mile from St.
Lucas, William, attorney at law, 1 Jones’ row, corner
Market & Fourth
Lyeett, John C., silver plater , 35 nnd 118 south Main
Lynch, Timothy, tailor , 40 north Main