The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Paxton, John A., inquire 65 north Main st,
Payne, Nathaniel D., coach driver , south Church, below
south I
Peck, James H., attorney at law, south Fourth, below
Pell, Jonathan, drayman , 128 south Main, belbw E
Peltier, Madame, widow, 118 south Main, corner E
Pend eton, Joseph, student , of medcine, s. W. corner
Third and south D
Pendleton, Zebulon, teacher , s. w. cor. Third & south D
Perras, James, south Chireh. ab. ve. south C
Peters, Tbomas, boatman , south Church, below south G
Peterson, Henry, laborer , south F, above Church
Petil, Louis, south Third n. w. corner south G
Philibert, Gabrid, tavern keeper , north Water, n. w.
corner F
Philibert, Joseph, 135 north Main, n. e. corner north F
Philibert, Joseph, merchant , 66 north Main
Pierre, , see Duchouquet
Pitzer, Gaorge, north Third, above north A.
Pocock, Henry, ornamental painter , south A, above south
Porter, Joseph, cabinet maker , north C. above Main
Potter, John C., lumber master and Tyler to the Mosonic
Lodge, office north Water, corner of north E—d.h.
83 north Church
Powers, James, Market, above Main
Pratte, Bernard, merchant , 7 north Mnin, above Market
Price, Christopher, 12 south Third, below Market
Price, Ridden H., north Church n. w. corner B
Primau, Paul, north Third, above north B
Pimm, Peter, tailor , 45 south Main—d.h. south B,
above Church
Provenchere, P., south Church, west side, above the bridge
Purdea, Francis, drayman , south Church, near bridge
Purdy, James J., carpenter , north A, above Church.