The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Ramsav, James, grocer , north Third, above north E
Ranken, Hugh, 25 north Main, above north A
Ranken, Robort, merchant , 25 north Main, above north A
Rankin John & Samuel , tanners and curriers, south F,
above Main
Rawlings, Margaret, mantua maker , 9 Jones’ row
Reams, John, Tailor , 85 south Church. below C
Rector, colonel Elias, post-master , office north A, above
Main—d.h. north Third, on the hill above Bennet’s
Rector, Stephen, surveyor , n. c. corner, south C and
Rector, general William, surveyor of the U. States lands
in Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas , office west of
Regis, Vassur, n. 78 south Third, s. w. corner C
Reed, Mrs. Chloe, widow, of Captain Jacob, south D,
above Fifih
Reganier, Francis, teacher of French, south Church, n. w.
corner south F
Reilly, Robert, porter-house , 9 south C, above Main
Renard, Hyacinthe, north Main, near the ox mill
Renshaw, Wm., merchant , 52 south Third, n. w. cor. B
Reynolds, Fabritius, 82 and 85 south Church, below C
Reynolds, Obediah, stone-mason , 150 north Main, s. w.
corner north G
Rice, Edward, laborer , north C, above Church
Richard, Eulalie, south Church, below south F.
Richards, Jane, widow boarding-bouse, 43 north Main,
s. e. corner north B
Riddiik, Thomas F.,, president of the Missouri bank
south Fourth, below south F
Riley, ——, victualler , stall 9 market-house
Riviere, Philip, Madame , south Church, below F
Robb, George H.merchant , 153 north Main, n. e. cor-
ner north G
Roberts, Michael, cordwainer , 141 north Main, above
north F
Ruberts, Thomas, vicualler , n. w. of the Battian-stall
Robidoux Joseph & Francis , merchants , 71 and 75 south
Main n. e. corner, north C
Robinson, Richard, 218 north Main
Rocheblave, Phillip, carpnter and justice of the peace,
26 south C, above Main
Rochford, Francis, teacher , north E, above Fifth
Rogers, —, farmer , near Bent’s mill
Rollet, Michel, 100 south Main, corner D
Rollins, Henry, cordwainer , south D, above Church
Rollins, Miles, drayman , north Fourth, above G
Rosegrant, John Allen, carpenter , 98 south Main, n. w.
corner south D
Ross, Charles R., 64 north Main, s. w. corner C
Rowcount, Anthony, wheelright, back 214 north Main
Roy, Lewis, victualler , 208 north Main, stall 5 market-
Royard, ——, farmer , south Third, below D
Rule, William K., merchant , 72 and d. h. 68 north
Rupley, Jacob, carpenter , 16 south C—d.h. s. w. cor-
ner sonth Church and D
Russell, Jesse D., sign und ornamental painter , 17 south
C. above Main
Russell, John, pot er , 17 south C, above Main
Russell, John S., turner and chair maker , 17 south C,
above Main.