The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Sale, Jean, south Third, below south G
Sale, Lambert, south Third, n. w. corner south I
Salois, Joseph, 81 north Third, nbove north C
Samuel Giles M. & Co. , merchants , 65 north Main, n. e.
corner north C
Sanguinet, Marie Anne, widow, 49 south Main
Sanguinet, Simon, south Church, s. w. corner s.south E
Sarpy, G., merchant , 31, north Main, above north A
Sarpy, John B., merchant , 11, and d. b. 31, north Main
Sarrade, John, confectioner and cordial distiler , 54 north
Saugrain, Madame, widow, s. w. corner south Church
and J
Saulnier, Michael G., professor of languages, St. Louis
Savage, William H.auctioneer & commission merchant ,
66 south main, below south B
Seavener, Joseph, carpenter , south Third, s. w. corner E
Schatle, David, victualler , stall 3 market-house
Schewe, Christopher Frederick, painter and glazier , south
Church, above C
Seollin, John, grocer , north Water, n. w. corner C
Scott, Alexarder, merchant , 72 north Church
Scott, Moses, justice of the peace, south B, above Fourth
Scolt & Rule , merchants, 72 north Clunch, aboven.north C
Seward, Berjamin J., merchant , south C, s. w. corner
Seward & Cellett , merchants, 17 south Main
Seymour, Nathan, tailor , south A, above Main
Shackford, John & Co. , merchants, 58 south Main, d.
b. Market, west of Fifth
Shannon, Mary, widow, 20 south C, above Main
Shehan, David, victualler , 9 Market-house
Shepherd, David, bricklayer , 86 north Church, s,w.west. cor-
ner north D
Shidley, David, victualler , north Fourth, above C
Shidley & Fry , victuallers, north Fourth, above north C
Shidley, Henry, attorney at law, oflice, n. e. corner north
Church, and north B—d.d.h. 37 north Main
SimondsJohn, sen’r., painter and glazier , north Fourth,
above north C
SimondsJohn, jun’r., deputy constable , north Fourth,
above north C
Simonds, Mrs., widow, 77 north Church
Simonds, John B., laborer , south B, above Church
Skerkey, Mrs., of Wm., 24 south C. above Main
Skinner Alfred & Co. , grocers, 82 south Cburob, below
south C
Skinner, Mrs., boarding-house, 42 north Main