The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :

1st. Every letter or parcel, not exceeding half an
ounce in weight, shall be deemed a single letter or rate.

2d. All drop-letters, or letters placed in any post-
office, not for transmission, but for delivery only, shall
be charged with postage at the rate of one cent each.

3d. Each deputy postmaster, whose compensation for
the last preceding fiscal year (ending the 30th June, 1851,) did not exceed $200, may send through the mail
all letters written by himself, and receive through the
mail all written communications addressed to himself
on his private business, which shall not exceed in weight
one half ounce, free of postage. This does not authorize
them to frank any letters unless written by themselves,
and on their private business only; nor does it autho-
rize them to receive free of postage anything but writ-
ten communications addressed to themselves, and on
their private business.