St. Louis directory :
Coffee Houses.
Ablinger, Charles, 39 Cbesnnt.
Animanu, A., c.corner Jackson and Miller.
Andreas, John L., 33 s.south Levee.
Andrean, F., 9 n.north Levee.
Anthony, Fabris & , 107 n.north Levee.
Anton, Walter, Manchester road.
Arnold, G., 215 Olive.
Arnold, Thomas, 165 Market.
Arth, John, 233 n.north Main.
Bachman, H., 30 Oiive.
Bacher, Charles, 772 Broadwav.
Baker, Carl, Market.
Baldwin, Rose, 95 Levee.
Baley, William, Victor.
Balz, William, c.corner Victor and Jackson.