St. Louis directory :
Collectors And Agents.
Adban, C. V., land agent .
Anderson, Thomas A., 55 Main.
Andrews, John T., 36 Main.
Baker, Robert, 144 Collins.
Beck, George, agent for Brown, Floyd and ; r.residence Vir-
ginia Hotel.
Beebe, James, general R. R. agent , 27 n.north 4th.
Bigham & Porter , 63 Washington av.avenue
Bishop, Charles, 52 Main.
Braunagan, Wm.William, collector 8th ward, 126 n.north 10th.
Bonner, B. R., agent J. M. Bradstreet & Sons.
Brooke, W. M. C., agent J. M. Bradstreet & Sons.
Brooks, E., agent Del. Mut. Ins. Co. ; r.residence 280 Olive.
Budd, George K., Ins. agent , 33 Olive.
Burkholder, John, 90 Walnut.
Chouteau, Sylvester, 3d District, office City Hall.
Churchill, Levi, agent Hazard Powder , 50 n.north 2d
Clark, Joseph T., agent Mound City Ins. Co. , 128
Clark & , agents Fairbank’s scales, nw. c. Main
and Walnut.
Clendenin, Wm.William A., Ins. agent , 144 Pine.
Conley, Henry, Washington av.avenue , b.between 14th and 15th.
Conrtenay & Miller , Ins. agents, c.corner Main and Olive.
Cowie, James, wood agent , Levee.
Crosby, C. W., agent for Grover & Baker’s sewing’ma-
chines, 87 n.north 4th.
Cummings, John, agent for J, Fritschle, 42 Commer-
cial and 21 Levee,
Cutler, Alonzo, agent Home Mut. Ins. Co. , 526 Olive.
Dare, J. D., agent P. R. R., 42 4th.
Dean, Edwin, agent for Singer’s Sewing machine, 106
n.north 4th.
Deat, Charles, 6th, b.between Poplar and Cerre.
Degge, Robert F., 288 Chesnnt.
Denniston, James C., agent Crescent Iron Works , 24
n.north 3d.