St. Louis directory :
Dill, Ezra E., agent Mich. Cen. B. R. , opp.opposite Planters’
Distelkamp, Heinrich, es,7th, b.between Geyer & Allen avs.
Douglass, W. M., general ticket agent , O. & M. R. R.,
97 S. 5th
Downs, H. L., agent N. Y. Cen. , R. R., 420 Morgan.
Dubbs, M., U.S. Mail ag’t , Stoddard av.avenue , near Hickory.
Eaton, N. J., agent Board of Underwriters , 249 Pine.
Edwards, A., 159 Washington av.
Espy & Duffer , steamboat agents, Keokuk packet
Farish, Johm, b.between 7th and 8th, Ofallon and Cass av.
Fifield, B. F., general ticket agent T. H. , A. & St. L.
R. R., 2 Marble Buildings.
Fish, S. O., 94 n.north 14th.
Fisher, W. P., 17 n.north 12th.
Ford, C. W., agent U. S. Ex. Co. , Townsley’s Hotel.
Friesbeben, Julius, Ins. agent , 358 s.south 3d.
Galvin, Dennis, collector 3d ward, 159 s.south 7th.
Gannitt, G. A., agent O. & M. R. R., c.corner 15th and Gay.
Geist, Georgecollector 1st district, City Hall.
Gordon, J., ag’t for Webster, Moir & , 222 Morgan.
Gottschalk, Ferdinand, agent St. L. public schools,
alley rear 19 Carondelet av.
Gray, James L., agent P. R. R., 53 n.north Levee.
Gray, S., agent Great Western Dispatch, 12 n.north Main.
Green, Isaaccity collector , 34 Howard.
Griffith, John, 131 Christy av.
Hall, R., R. R. agent , 95 n.north 4th.
Ham, Theodore, Hicks , b.between Olive and Locust.
Handv, J. B., agent Com’l Ins. Co.
Hartnett, M. J., 5th ward collector , 180 Pine.
Heeman, Fred., agent Franklin Ins. Co. , 238 n.north 13th.
Henderson, George, 180 n.north 5th.
Hoeman, Fried, agent Ger. Mut. Ins. Co.
Homes, F. F., agent Mo. State Mut. Ins. Co.
Howard, W. P., agent St. Joseph and Nebraska City
Ins. Co.
Irvin, Jamescity collector , 39 Benton.
Israel, John C., agent Am. Bible Society, 234 Frank-
lin avenue.
Ivers, Richard, stonepipe agent , 50 Olive;
Jeist, George58 Orange.
Jones, A. R., 57 Brooklyn
Kennedy, Thos. J., 81 Washington av.
Kile, George W., 75 Center.
Lackey, Hugh, ns.north side Hickory, b. s. 6th and 7th.
Linley, T. J., agent for Powell &
Lansing, Z. D., ticket ag’t O. & M. R. R., 54 n.north Levee.
Lewis, Chas. M., 146 Christy av.
Lightner, J. P., Pine, b.between 11th and 12th.
Lindsay, Wm.William, Emigrant agent , 52 Chesnut.
Linn, Wm.William A.collector of customs , c.corner 4th and Pine.
Logan & MoArthur , collectors and accountants, 46
MacDonald & , agent for Wheeler & Wilson’s
sewing machines, 79 n.north 4th.
Muire, John, collector 4th ward, office 41 Walnut.
McCamant, W. W., 29½ n.north 3d.
McCleary, Andy, 69 St. Charles.
McCoy, Mr., agent St. Louis Ice , 244 Biddle.
McCurdy, Alexander289 Morgan.
McDonald, Philip. 72 n.north 11th.
McDonald, Wm.William69 St. Charles.
McKawu, James, 4th ward collector , 33 n.north 16th.
Meiller, Dietrich, agent , 79 n.north 2d.
Merry, S. F., agent St. L. , A. & T. H. R. R., 30 Levee.
Miller, Henry, agent for W. W. Miller, 137 n.north 3d.
Morrison, H., 21 Market.
Neieineyer, John, collector 9th ward, c.corner 5th & Biddle.
Nisbet Wm.William & , brokers and Insurauce agents, 89
n.north Main.
Packard, O., agent , American Express
Regan, James, collector of water rates , 72 Chesnut.
Rennell, Fred., agent for D. Landreth & Son, 18 s.south
Richerd, J.agent for Laflins & Smith; r.residence City Hall.
Riuehart, B., agent for Wicks & Gerdemann.
Rothweiler, George, collector 2d ward, 17 Carondelet
Schneider, Fred., gen. col. , 62 s.south 2d.
Sefton, John, ag’t Globe Mutual Ins. Co. , r. se. c. 16th
and Papin.
Selden, Wm.William, stone pipe ag’t , 50 Olive.
Shaw, Sarah, ag’t for Braudreth’s Pills, 55 Market.
Smith, John C., collector 7th Ward, 111 Green.
Smizer, Geo., county col. , basement of Courthouse.
Sondhelm, Simon, 30 Vine.
Staihr, Geo., ag’t for J. H. Fisher, Frederick House.
Stine, H. A., 51 Market.
Walker, Thos., collector 4th dist., office City Hall.
Widmar, Robert, ag’t “Anzeiger des Westens.”