St. Louis directory :
Engravers, Stencil Cutters. &c.
Baasford, Henry T., r.residence Denison House.
BauerGeorge, A., 19, chesnut.
Cleveland, Henry, Mercantile Library Building, 5th.
Compton, R. J., general engraver , Merean-
tile Library Buildings, 64 5th, 1 door
from c.corner Locust. Bank-note eng. agency.
Connor, Richard, 50 n.north 4th.
Greene, Moseley, 20 n.north 2d.
Kerehaw, J. M., Chesnut, b.between Main and 2d.
Macwitz, Wm.William, c.corner 2d asd Market.
Thore, George H., 58 Pine.
Vanderhaghen W. & E. , c.corner 3d and Walnut.
Wilson & Parker , 14 Olive.