St. Louis directory :
Flour and Grist Mills.
Ashley Mills , Z. M.Pedan, , proprietor, c.corner Ashley and
Carondelet av.
Atlantic Mills, Pegram & proprietors, c.corner Plum and
Main. (5 run of stones; manufacture 400 bar-
rels in twenty-four hours.)
Camp Spring Mills, Frederick Eckerman & pro-
prietors, c.corner Market and 20th. (2 run of stones;
manufacture 100 barrels in 24 hours.)
Cherry Street Mills, Osborne & Tolle , proprietors, c.corner
Cherry and Collins.
Corn and Barley Mills , c. n. Market and 2d.
Eagle Mills . Dennis, Marks, proprietor, r.residence 290 Olive.
(4 ruu of stones; manufacture 300 barrels in 24
Empire Mills, Hazard, Benson & , proprietors, c.corner
Broadway and Labeaume. (5 run of stones;
manufacture 325 barrels in 24 hours.)
Franklin Mills, George P. Plant & proprietors.
55 and 57 Franklin av.avenue (5 run of stones; man-
facture 160 barrels in 24 hours.)
Laclede Mills, S. G. Sears & proprietors, c.corner Sou-
lard and Decatur. (4 run of stones; manufac-
ture 325 barrels in 24 hours.)
Missouri Mills , c.corner 8th and St. Charles, Powell & ,
O’Fallon Mills , W. O.Shands, proprietor, 326 s.south 4th.
(2 run of stones; manufacture 140 barrels in 24
Pacific Mills, Tucker & Bro. proprietors, 177 s.south 3d. (5
run of stones; manufacture 425 barrels in 24 hours
Park Mills, T. A. Buckland & proprietors, c.corner 13th
and Market. (5 run of stones; manufacture 400
barrels in 24 hours.)
Phoenix Mill, H. Pilkington & Bro. proprietors, Bar-
ry, b.between 7th. and Fulton. (4 run of stones; manu-
facture 200 barrels in 24 hours.)
Rocky Branch Pearl Mills, Davis & proprietors,
ws. n. 12th, b.between Davis and Branch. (3 run of
stones; manufacture 140 barrels in 24 hours.)
Saxony Mills, Leonbardt & Schuricht , proprietors, ss.south side
Lombard, b.between 3d and 4th. (2 run of stoues; man-
ufacture 145 barrels in 24 hours.)
Union Mills, J. & E. Walsh , proprietors, c.corner Florida
and Levee.
United States Mill , E. W.Fagan, , proprietor, 7th, b.between
Poplar and Cerre. (5 ruu of styues; manufac-
ture 350 barrels in 24 hours.