St. Louis directory :
Bryan & Bro. , c.corner Broadway and O’Falion.
Bryan, Jokn, 311 Franklin av.avenue
Carr & Icennett , Lumber dealers; office
Broadway, b.between Cass av.avenue and Davis; also,
Levee b. Carr and Blddlc.
Cartan David & , c.corner Broadway and Casa av.avenue
Clark Henry L. & , c 9th and Casa av.avenue
Degenhart, J. C., 11 Carondelet av.avenue
Dickey & Holmes , c.corner Walnut and 5th.
Falkuer &
Frisby, F. W., 116 Collins.
Hall, Verro V., 118 n.north 9th.
Hathaway, John W., 230 n.north 5th.
Holmes R. & , dealers in all kinds of
white and yellow pine and poplar lum-
ber, shingles, laths, doors, sash, &c., c.corner
5th and Elm.
Judd & Leeds , lumber merchants, deal
In all kinds of lumber, laths, shingles,
sash, &c., nw. c. Broadway and Mul-
Krenning W. & F. , c 8th and Market.
Leonard, Jas. D., c 14th and Washington av.avenue
Livermore H. & , ss.south side Allen av.avenue , near iron works.
Lowry, John, 75 n.north 10th.
Matlack Albert & Earl , c 15th and Franklin av.avenue
Matlack, George, 355 Morgan.
Morrison, Wm.William, lumber merchant , near c.corner
12th. and Market; dealer in all kinds of
pine and poplar lumber, shingles, lath,
doors, sash, &c.
Morse, J. A., r.residence King’s Hotel.
Parks & Andrews , dealers in oil kinds
of pine and poplar lumber, shingles, lath,
doors, &c., nw. c. 12th and Locust.
Patterson & Fergasoa , Main, b.between Hempstead and La-
Patrick Wm.William & , c Main and Biddle.
Reis, Bartel, c.corner Menard and Marion.
Reis, Valentine, 280 Franklin avenue.
Rice, Bartholomew, c.corner 2d and Sycamore.
Alexander, Riddle,
Lumber Merchant ,
Corner of Broadway and Blddlc sts.
Rippey M. & , dealers in poplar and
white and yellow pine lumber, dressed
white and yellow pine flooring, siding,
shingles, sash, lath, cedar posts, &c., c.corner
7th and Market.
Rodgers J. A. & Son , c.corner Broadway and Mullanphy.
Rowe, Joseph, 423 Broadway.
Royer, Henry, c.corner 9th and Market.
Smith, Charles B., c.corner 7th and Cass av.avenue
Tormey Frank A. & , 29 n.north 3d.
Van Horn, Charles M., Beltefontaine road, b.between Salis-
bury and Malinkrodt.
Van Sickle John & Son , WashWashington avenue .
West, Thomas H., c.corner 9th and Cass avenue.
West, Washington, c.corner 7th and Cass avenue.
White, J. H., c Broadway and O’Fallon.
White, Joseph P., c.corner 3d and Vine.
Whitehill John & , lumber mer-
chants; office and yard, corner of Fifth
and Carr streets.
Wortmann, T.Henry, 450 Broadway.
Wortmann, H. P., Broadway, b.between Florida & Mullanphy.
Wright D. T. & , lumber merchants,
cor.corner of lath and Market; dealers in all
kinds of pine and poplar lumber.