St. Louis directory :
Venetian Blinds.
Bennoffscky, Frederick, ss.south side Anna av.avenue , b.between 7th and 9th.
Block & Evers , 151 n.north 3d.
Forster, Marquard, c.corner 4th and Spruce.
Garnhart, J. H., 188 n.north 2d.
Green & Wilson , 57 Levee.
Livermoore, Cooly & , 140 n.north 2d.
Miller, William, Carrol,b.between Jackson and Carondelet av.
Opperman, C C., c.corner Decatur and Lafayette.
Scaruin, Peter, c.corner 9th and Lafayette av.
Seitz, Louis, office 19 Commercial.
Sherman, J. W., 105 and 106 Levee.
Stapp, William B., 46 n.north Market.
Tiemann F. & , c.corner Cozzens and Pratt avs.