St. Louis directory :

This Institution offers many advantages to further the physical, moral and intellectual development of students.
is situated in an elevated and healthy part of the city. Whether owing to the advantage of its position, or to the pru
dent line of conduct which prevails, it proves to be one of the most progressive in the West. This success, the results
a few years, may be examinied and taken by its patrons as the best indicative of its future.

The system of education, based on pure and solid principles of morality, is well calculated to answer the divers view
of discriminating families. Always free from prejudice or party spirit, the professors have only in view the improvement
and well being of their numerous pupils-accordingly their relations with them are friendly and parental.

The course of studies has been systematically extended. To elemenatary insturction, analytically carrid out, highe
branches succeed, and theory is illustrated by useful experiments.