St. Louis directory :
Fire Companies.
Steam Engine Co.No. 1. (George Kyler,)

Located west side Eleventh street, between Wash
and Carr.

RichardBeggs, , Captain .

JohnstonBeggs, , Engineer .

Steam Engine Co.No. 2, (Old Union.)

Located on Washington avenue, between Seventh
and Eighth.

JohnBame, , Foreman .

Charles H.Rigdon, , Engineer .

Steam Engine Co.No. 3, (Davis Moore,)

Located on South Third street, between Elm and

William B.Trowbridge, , Engineer .

EugeneAlcan, , Captain .

Steam Engine Co.No. 4, (John M. Wimer,)

Located west side Broadway, between Mound and

William D.Pallies, , Captain .

OscarScudder, , Engineer .

Steam Engine Co.No. 5, (Missouri,)

Located on the east side of Seventh street, between
Pine aud Olive.

Philip H.Branson, , Captain .

JohnBailey, , Engineer .

Steam Engine Co.No. 6, (Underwriter,)

Located corner Carondelet and Park avenues.

JacobTrice, , Captain .

IsaacThomas, , Engineer .

Steam Engine Co.No. 7, (Deluge,)

Located on Market street, between Fourteenth and

John H.Roever, , Captain .

JohnEmery, , Engineer .

Jefferson Engine Co., (Hand,)

Located corner Franklin avenue and Twenty-third

DanielHazard, , Steward .

North St. Louis Engine Co., (Hand,)

Located on Broadway, between Destrehan and Mal-

WilliamKing, . Steward .

South St. Louis Engine Co.. (Hand,)

Located west side Fulton street, between Russell
and Ann avenues.

JamesRemington, , Steward .