St. Louis directory :

1st. When the weight of any publication exceeds eight ounces, the same progressive rate of postage,
laid down in the above table, must be charged.

2d. Publishers of newspapers and periodicals may send to each other from their respective offices of
publication, free of postage, one copy of each publication; and may also send to each actual subscriber,
enclosed in their publications, bills and receipts for the same, free of postage.

3d. Postmasters are not entitled to receive newspapers free of postage, under their franking privilege.

4th. If the publisher of any newspaper or periodical, after being three months previously notified that
his publication is not taken out of the office to which it is sent for delivery, continues to forward such pub-
lications in the mail, the postmaster to whose office such publication is sent will dispose of the same for the
postage, unless the publisher shall pay it; and whenever any printed matter of any description, received
during one-quarter of the fiscal year, shall have remained in the office without being called for during the
whole of any succeeding quarter, the postmaster of such office will sell the same and credit the proceeds of
such sale in his quarterly accounts in the usual manner.

5th. Quarterly payments in advance may be made either at the mailing office or the office of delivery.
When made at the mailing office, satisfactory evidence of such payment must be exhibited to the postmas-
ter at the office of delivery.