St. Louis directory :
Postage On Pamphlets And Magazines To And From Foreign Countries, From
And To Any Point In The United States.

The postage on all magazines and pamphlets to all foreign countries (except Great Britain, the British
North American Provinces and the west coast of South America), is, by whatever line sent. one cent an
ounce or fraction of an ounce. To the west coast of South America it is four cents an ounce or fraction of
un ounce, to he collected in all cases in the United States. To and from the British North American Prov-
inces, the postage is the regular United States rates to and from the line, to be pre-paid when sent and
collected when received.

On each periodical and pamphlet between Great Britain and the United States, the United States postage
is two cents, if not over two ounces in weight, and four cents per ounce or fraction of an ounce over two
ounces, always to be pre-paid. An additional postage of the same rates, when not exceeding two ounces,
must be paid in England: but the third ounce raises the British charge to sixpence (12 cents). with two
pence (4 cents) additional for each additional ounce. When sent to or received from foreign countries, with-
out passing through the United Kingdom, they will be charged the regular United States rates, to be pre-
paid when sent, and collected when received. No pamphlets can be sent weighing over eight ounces, and
no periodical over sixteen ounces, without being subject to letter postage.

Newspapers and periodicals to foreign countries, and particularly to the continent of Europe, must be
sent in narrow bands, open at the sides or ends; otherwise they are chargeable there with letter postage.

Letters sent from the United States to foreign countries by private vessels are chargeable with inland
postage, which must be prepaid from the mailing office to the port of sailing.