St. Louis directory :
Ohio And Mississippi Railroad.

General Office, corner of Main and Walnut. St. Louis
Freight Depot. comer of Carr and Second.St.
Louis; Ticket Office, cor. Fourth and Chesnut, and
Pine and Levee.

Officers—S. M.Barlow, . President , residence,
N.Y.; H. D.Bacon, , fiet President , St. Louis;
Thorn.Brown, , Treasurer , St. LouisW. H.Clement, ,
General Superindent , Ohio: H. C.Creveling, . Assis-
tant Superintendent , St. Louis; ThomasLough, ,
General Freight Agent , Ohio; G. W.Jenks, , Freight
Agent , St. Louis; P. W.Strader, , Gentral Ticket
Agent , Cincinnati ; G. W,Ford, , General Agent ,
St. Louisn.w.west c.corner> Fourth and Chesnut street.