St. Louis directory :
Christ Church

Located on Chensat steret, corner of Fifth.

Rev.MontgomerySchuyler, . Ractor .

— Ure, , Sexoton .

Hours of service-101/2, A.m. nad 7. p.m.

Grace Church.

Located on Marion Place, Warren street, between
Eleventh and Twelfth streets.

Rev.Francis J.Clere, , Rector .

Hours of serivece-101/2, A.m. and 3. P.m.

St. George'S Church.

Located on Locust street, between Seventh and
Eighth streets.

Rev.E. F.Berkley, , Rector .

Hours of service-101/2, A.m. and 7, p.m.

St. John'S Church.

On Spruce street corenr of Sixth.

Rev.JohnColeman, D.D., Rector .

Hours of serivce-101/2, A.M. and 7, p.m.

St. Paul'S Church,

On Seventeenth street, corner of Olive.

Rev.R. E.Terry, , Rector .

Horus of service-101/2, A.M. and, 31/2 p.m.

Trinity Church.

On Eleventh street, corner of St. Charles street.

Rev.E. C.Hutchinson, , Rector .

Hours of service-101/2, A.M.