St. Louis directory :
Church Of St. Paul, (German.)

Located on Decature street, between Lafayette and
Geyer avenue.

Hours of service-Sundays, 10, a.m.; Wednesdays
8 p.m.

Rev.JohnWill, , Pastor .

— Sauthamp, , Sexton .

Evangelical Lutherna Bethlehem,

Located on Fourteenth, corner of Salisbury street.

Hours of service-91/2, A.M.

Rev.AdolphusClaus, , Pastor .

Evang. Lutheran Immanuel'S Church,

Southeast corner of Franklin avenue and Eleventh

Hours of service-9, a.m. and 21/2, p.m.

Rev.F. W.Buenger, , Pastor .

Mr.Hoeltzel, , Sexton .

St. John'S Church.

Located southeats corner of Madison and Four-
teenth streets.

Hours of service-10, a.m. and 21/2, p. m

Rev.ChristianSchrenk, , Pastor .

Independent Evangelical Protestant.

Located on southeast corner of Eighth and Mound

Hours of divine service-101/2. A.M. and 21/2, P.M.

Rev.FrederickPicker, , Pastro .

St. Mark'S Church.

Located on northewest corner Jackson and Soualrd

Hours of divine service-10, a.m.; 21/2 p. m

Rev.George W.Wall, , Pastor .

St. Peter'S German Evang. Church,

Located on Carr, corner of Fifteenth street.

Hours of service-10, A.M. and 3, p.M.

Rev.LewisNollan, , Pastor .

SimonRineholz, , Sexton .

Trintiy Church, (German.)

Located on Lombard street between Third and Fourth

Hours of service-9. a.M. and 2, p.m.

Rev.GottliebSchaller, , Pasto .

C.Graeber, , Sextion .