St. Louis directory :
Roman Catholic.

The Province of St. Louie comprises the dfruwaaa
of St. Louis, Nashville, Chicago, Alton, Milwauee,
Dubuque, St Paul and Santa Fe; the Vicariates
Apostolic of Kansas and Nebraska, wo embraces
Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Wisconsin Iowa Kan
eas. Nebraska, New Mexico, and Indian Territory

Archbishop -Most Rev.Peter RichardKenrick,

Coadjutor --Rigbt Rev.JamesDuggan, D.D.

Vicar General --Very Rev.JosephMelchior, .

Chancellor -Rev.E.Laulmier, .

Secretary -Rev.P. J,Ryan, .

Cathedral Of St. Louis

On south side of Walnut, between Second and Third
streets. Erected 1833.

Hourst of service-5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 101/2, A.M. and
3, P.M.

Rev,P. J.Ryan, , Rector .

Rev.M.McPaul, , Curate .

BernardCollen, , Sexton .

Chapel Of St. Louis Hospital

Hours of service- 10, a.m.

Rev.P. R.Donnelly, , Chaplain

Chapel Of St. Louis Hospital,

Hours of service- 10, A.M.

RevP. R.Donnelly, , Charplain .

Chapel Of St. Joseph'S Academy,

Hours of service-10, A.M.

Rev.P.Walsh, , Chaplain .

Chapel Of St. Philomena,

Hours of service-10, A.M.

Very Rev.E.Vaulnier, , Chaplain .

Chepel Of The Ursuline Convent,

Very Rev.J.Melehior, , Chaplain .

Church Op The Immaculate Conception.

On corner of Eighth aud Chesnut streets. Erected

Hours of service-6, 7, 8 and 101/2. a.m. and 31/2,

Rev.PatrickFeehan, , Pastor

JamesQuigiey, , Sexton ,

Church Op The Holy Trinity, (German,)

Located on New Bremen street.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 31/2, p.m.

Rev.G.Dolbener, , Pastor .

St. Bridget'S Church,

On Twenty-fifth, between Carr and Biddle streets.

Honrs of service-101/2, a.m. and 31/2, p.m.

Rev.David F.Lillis, , Pastor .

St. Francis Xavier'S Church,

On northwest corner of Ninth and Green streets.

Erected 1840.

Hours of service-5, 6, 7, 8 and 101/2, a.m. and 3
and 71/2, p.m.

Rev.C. F.Smarms, , Pastor .

JamesGraunau, , Sexton .

St. John Nepomtjceu, (Bohemian,)

On Rosatti, corner of Sonlard street.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 11/2 and 31/2, p.k.

Rev.FrancisTrojan, , Potior .

St. John'S Church,

On east side Sixteenth, between Pine and Chesnnt

Hours of service-6,7,8 and 101/2, a.m. and 31/2, P.M.

Rev.JohnBannon, , Pastor .

Rev.J.O'Regan, , Curate .

St. Joseph'S Church, (German,)

On Biddle, corner of Eleventh street.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 3, p.m.

Rev.JosephPatchowsfci, , Pastor .

HenrySand, , Sexton .

St. Lawrence O'Toole'S Church.

On O'Fallon, corner of Fourteenth street.

Hours of service-6,7,8 and 101/2, a.m. and 31/2, p, m.

Rev.JamesHenry, , Pastor .

St. Liborius' Church (German.)

On Nineteenth, near Monroe street. Erected 1856.

Hours of service-91/2 and 101/2, a.m. and 31/2, P.M.

Rev.StephenSchweihoff, , Pastor .

Rev.FrancisSchreider, , Curote .

St. Mary'S Church. (German)

On Third, between Cedar and Mulberry streets
Erected 1845.

Hours of service-10, A.M. and 21/2, P.M.

Very Rev.JosephMelchior, V.G.Pastor

ChristopherScherere, , Sexton .

St. Michael'S Church

On Jefferson, corner of Eleventh street.

Hours of service-7, 81/2 and 101/2, A.M. and 31/2, P.M.

Revs.P. and J. O'Brien , Pastors .

OwenKillorne, , Sexton .

St. Patrick'S Church.

On corner of Sixth and Biddle Streets.

Rev.C. F.Ziegler, , Ass;t Pastor .

Horus of Service-6, 71/2, 81/2, and 101/2, A.M. and 31/2,

Rev.W.Wheeler, , Pastro .

Sts. Peter And Paul'S Church. (German)

On northeast corner of Seventh and Allen avenue.
Founded 1850. Dedicated 1853.

Hours of servie-101/2, A.M. and 31/2, p.m.

Rev.G.Goller, , Pastor .

Rev.J.Doinseifer, , Curate .