St. Louis directory :
First Cumberland Presbyterian,

On Eleventh, corner or St. Charles street.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 7, P.M.

Rev.J. G.White, , Pastor .

Rrformed Presbyterian,

On northwest corner of Merecer street and Gamble

Hours of service-101/2, A.M.a nd 3, P.M.

Rev.JosephMcCrackoen, , Pastor .

United Pressbyterian Church

On northewast corner of Fifth and Locust strets.

Erectee 1841.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 3, P.M.

Rev.JohnMcLean, , Pastor .

RobertBeeth, , Sexton .

First German Cumberland Prerbttkrh,

On northesest corner of Fifeteenth and Chambers

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. 3 and 7, p.m.

Rev.F.Lack, . Pater .

—Schapper, , Strtam .

Jewish Synagogue.

On Sixth street, between Locust and St. Charies.
Erected 1858.

Rev.HenryKuttncr, , Rabbi .