St. Louis directory :
Academy Of Science, St. Louis.

The Academy of Science wan organized aud went
into operation on the 10th of March, 1856. It ob-
tained a charter of incorporation from the Legisla-
ture, on the 17th of January, 1857, with power to
hold real estate; its property is exempt from taxa-
tion. It has collected quite a large museum, and a
library of several hundred volumes, and has pub-
lished two numbers, of volume one, of its transac-
tions. It numbers about one hundred associate
members, eighty-two corresponding members, and is
in correspondence with a large number of other
societies, home and foreign. Its revenues are about
$1.200 a vcar. It has for its object the advancement
of science and the establishment in St. Louis of a
scientific library, and a museum of natural history,
and it is especially devoted to the prosecution of
original research in the natural history and ethnology
of the American continent.

The following gentlemen were elected officers of
the Academy for the year 1859:

President —AdolphusWislizcnus, M.D.

First Vice President —GeorgeEngelmann, M.D.

Second Vice President —Charles APope, M.D.

Corresponding Sec'y —NathanielHolmes, E.sq.

Recording Secretary —J. B.Allcyne, M.D.

Treasurer —S.Pollak, M.D.

Librarian —Theodore C.Hilgard, M.D.

Curators —H. A.Prout, M.D., C. W.Stevens, M.
D.. T. C.Hilgard, . M.D, SpencerSmith, Esq.

Committee on Publication —N.Holmes, . Esq., W.
M.McPheeters, M.D., Gen.Engelmann, . M.D.

Committee on Library —Ii. A.Prout, M.D., C. A.
Pope, M.P., Hon.SamuelReber, .

Committee on Finance —SpencerSmith, Esq., J.
B.Eads, Esq., C. C.Whittclsey, Esq.