St. Louis directory :
Jones Commercial College Of St. Louis,

S.E. corner of Washington aventie and Third
street. Incorporated January 24th, 1849, with full
authority "to grant diplomas, award degrees,
confer honors and exercise all and singular the priv-
ileges common to Commercial Colleges authorized
by law in other States."


JonathanJones, , Master of Accounts, President
and Acting Professor of the Theory and Practice of
Book-Keeping, Commercial Correspondence, etc.

Archibaldlnglis, and Henry M.Wibracht, , Practi-
cal Aecountante .

Julius A.Barnett, and PhillipSchmidt, , Practical
Accountants .

CharlesStewart, , Professor of Mathematics.

S. D.Hayden, , Professor of Penmanship.

JonathanJones, , Lecturer on Commercial Law.