St. Louis directory :
O'Fallon Polytechnic Institute.

North Fourth street, corner of St. Chailes. Organ-
ized 1855, under the charter of the Washington

The library is furnished with between three and
four thousand volumes, and a large supply of Ameri-
can and European quarterlies nnd magazines; also,
with a large supply of daily and weekly newspapers.

The Institute is under the management of

JohnHow, , President .

Gerard B.Allen, , Vice President .

HenryCopp, , Treasurer .

Wm. R.Bsbcock, , Secretary and Librarian .

Board op Managers —JohuHow, , Gerard B.Allen, ,
JamesLuthey, , R. E.Carr, , N. J.Eaton, . J. B.Eads, , J.
L.Faucett, , j. T.Green, , C. A.Pope, , S.Treat, . F.Wes-, , Wm. S.Cuddy, , D. K.Ferguson, , R. M.Parks, . R.
Dougherty, , J. J.Reynolds, , Wm.Patrick, , R.Sellew, ,
JosephO'Neil, , S. H.Laflin, .

The Institute has now in process of erection a large
and commodious building on Chesnut street, corner
of Seventh.