St. Louis directory :
St. Louis University.

Situated between Green street and Washington
avenue, west of Ninth street. Founded 1829, by
members of the society of Jeans, and incorporated
by the Legislature 1832, With power to confer de-
grees and academical honors in ail the learned pro-
fessions, and generally to have and " enjoy all the
powers, rights and privileges exercised by literary
Institutions of the same rank."

The Institution possesses a valuable Museum,
which contains a great variety of specimens both of
nature and of art, collected from various quarters of
the globe, especially from our own country ; also a
very beautiful And complete Philosophical and Chem-
ical Apparatus. The library belonging to the Insti-
tution numbers over 14,000 volumes, embracing al-
most every branch of literature and science, aud
containing many rare and interesting works. The
select libraries form a collection of over 7,000 vol-

Board Of Trustees.

Very Rev.J. B.Druyts, S.J., President .

Rev.J. S.Verdin, S.J., Vice Pres't .

" F. P.O'Loghlen, , S.J., Chancellor .

" D. J.DeSmet, , S.J., Treasurer .

" J. L.Gleizal, . S.J., Secretary ,


Rev.J. S.Verdin, S.J., President .

" J. B.Emig, , S.J., Vice President .

" F.Nussbaum, , S.J., Professor of Mental and
Moral Philosophy.

Rev.Edw. J.Keller, 8.J., Professor of Ancient

Rev.F. P.O'Loghlen, S.J., Professor of Astron-
omy and Mathematics.

Rev.F. P.Garesche, S.J., Professor of Physics
and Rhetoric.

Rev.G. H.Kernion, B.J., Professor of French

Rev.G. W.Watson, S.J., Professor of Modern

Bev.P. J.DeMeester, S.J., Treasurer .

Rev.P.Honing, 8.J., Professor of Chemistry.

Mr.J.L'Esperance, S.J., Professor of English

Theological Department. — Professors.

Rev.F. X.Wippern, S.J.;

Rev.Adam VanKulst, S.J.;

Rev.ThomasO'Neil, S.J.,

With several additional Assistant Professors,