St. Louis directory :

except Theological, and to afford opportunity of
complete preparation for every sphere of Practical
aud "Scientific life. With this view. Three Depart-
ments are now established and orgauized, nimely,
the Accadeniic, the Scientific, and the Practical (or
Industrial) Departments; aud other Departments will
be established as circumstances may require.

By the Eighth Article of the Constitation, "no in-
struction, either sectarian in religion, or partisan in
politics, shall be allowed in any Department of the
University ; and no sectarian or party test shall be
used in the election of Professors, Teachers, or other
officers of the University; nor shall any such test
ever be used in the University for any purpose what-
soever. This article shall lie understood as the fun-
damental condition on which all endowments, of what-
ever kind, are received,"


William O.Eliot, , President .

WaymanCrow, , Vice President .

JohnCavender, , Treasurer .

Seth A.Rantett, , Secretary .

SamuelTreat, , Corresponding Secretary .

Adolph E.Hugo, , Actuary .

Wm. G.Eliot, , JohnHow, , WaymanCrow, , John M,
Krum, . SamuelTreat, . JohnO'Fallon, , JamesSmith, ,
Seth A.Ranlett, , Charles A.Pope, , JohnCavender, ,
N. J.Eaton, , Phocion R.McCreery, , GeorgePartridge, ,
James H.Lucas, , Hudson E.Bridge, , SamuelRussell, ,
and Thomas T.Gantt, , Directors .

Academic Department.

Jeremiah D.Low, , Principal .

Nathan D.Tirrell, , Principal .

(Graduate of Massachusetts State Normal School.)

Willard P.Bliss, A.B.Tutor .

SylvesterWaterhouse, A.M.Tutor .

(Two additional Teachers to be elected before the be-
ginning of nest term ,)

P.Braes, A.M., Teacher of German.

(Graduate of Universities of Goettingeu and Berlin.)

FerdinandBocher, , Teacher of French and

PauhtsRcetter, , Teacher of Da wing.

Tranian M.Post, D.D., Professor of Ancient
and odern History.

Scientific Department.

A.Lnton, M.D., Professor of Analytic and
Industrial Chemistry.

Joseph J.Ktenyolds, A.M., Professor of Me-
chanics aud Civil Engineering.

(Late Assistant Professor of Natural and Experi-
mental Philosophy, at West Point.)

GeorgeEnglemann, . M.D., Professor of Botany
aud Natural History.

Charles A.Pope, M.D., Professor of Compara-
tive Anatomy aurl Physiology.

The following Chairs will be tilled as soon as ade-
quate endowment and the services of competent men
can be secured:

Geology and Mineralogy, Mining and Metallurgy,
Mathematics, Agriculture, Architecture, Astronomy.

Until these Professorships are filled, instruction by
Lectures and otherwise will be given in these branch-
es of Education by the other Professors and Teachers.

A Department of the Fine Arts is also contempla-
ted as a part of the general plan, with good promise
of ultimate success, a sufficient fund for that purpose
having been, already pledged.