St. Louis directory :
Omnibus Lines and Stage Routes.

Bkoadwav Omnibus Line—Starts from north-west
corner Broadway and Salisbury street, and termi-
nates at corner of Third and Market streets. Der-
raon & Co. , proprietors .

Columbia Stage—Leaves 77 South Second street
daily, at 10 o'clock, and arrives at 12 1/2 p.m.John
Schrader, , Agent .

Edwardsville And St. Locis Stage LlNe—
Leaves Randle House every Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, at 11, A.m.AlbertBovard, , Proprietor .

Franklin Avenue Omnibus Line—Office Morgan
near Ewing street. Case & King Proprietors .

Mabkbt Street Line op Omnibuses—Start from
Wedge House, and ran to corner of Fourth, every
seven minutes. E.Wells, , Proprietor .

Olive Street Line Of Omnibuses—Start from
Seventeenth street, and run to corner of Fourth,
every fifteen minutes. E.Wells, , Proprietor .

People's Own Line—Starts from northwest cor-
ner of Broadway and Salisbury street, and terminates
at corner of Third and Market streets. F. & M.
Meyer , Proprietors .

Second And Seventh Street Omnibus Line—
Office 521 South Seventh street. Wicseman, Scheele
& Co. , Proprietors .

St. Louis' And Belleville Stage Line—Leaves
Randle House daily at 6, a.m.

Troy, Highland And Marine Stage Line—
Leaves Randle House Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat-
urdavs, at 7, A.M.

Waterloo Stage—Leaves 77 South Second, and
Randle House, daily, at 11, A.M.J. & A. Arnot ,
Proprietors .