St. Louis directory :

Baptist Cemetery, Lemp avenue, between Cherokee
and Utah.

Beliefontaine Cemetery, Bellcfontaiue Road, 5 miles
from city.

Beni Kll, Hebrew, Gravois Road, 8 miles from city.

Calvary Cemetery, Beliefontaine Road, 0 miles from

Christ Church Cemetery, Chouteau avenue, near
Grand aveur.c.

City Cemetery, JefTerson avenue, between Wyoming
and Arsenal ltoad.

German Evangelical Cemetery, Lemp avenue, be-
tween l'otomac aud Cherokee.

German Protestant Cemetery.

Holy Trinity Cemetery, Bellefontaine Road, south
of Harlem House.

New Picker Cemetery, Gravoia Road, 8 miles from

New Saxon Cemetery, Gravois Road, 7 miles from

Old Picker Cemetery, Gravois Road, 3 miles from

Rock Spring Cemetery, Clayton Road, west of Rock

St. Vincent Cemetery, Park averue, corner of La-
fayette avenue.

Salera Cemetery, St. Charles Road, 7 miles from

Weslcyan Cemetery, Grand avenue, between Man-
chester Road and Lindell areuue.