St. Louis directory :
Board Of Delegates.

Thomas S.Nelson, , Chairman .

JosephBaker, , Clerk .

WilliamGoodfellow, , Sergeant at Arms .

FrederickHoenschild, , Thomas S.Nelson, , 1st

Ward; HenryAlmstedt, and J. G.Vogel, 2nd
Wardt; P. H.Bishop, and GeorgeBayha, ,3rd Ward ;
Sol. J.Levi, and JohnYoung, , 4th Ward; Bernard
Pratte, and PeterAmbs, , 5th Ward; DwightDur-, and James J.Wilgus, , 6th Ward; Jesse W-
Heath, and John S.Wilshusen, , 7th Ward; Davis
Moore, and HoratioWood, , 8th Ward; DanielMcGill,
and CasperStelle, . 9th Ward; James R.Dobyns, and
NicholasHatch, , 10th Ward.