St. Louis directory :

Resgister of Lands —SamuelSimmons, .

Lanser Mastee —JosephWhelan, .

Wood Master —Joseph M.Magehan, .

of Flour —James H.Swartz, .

of Weights and Measures —Henty
A.Ische, .

of Beef and Pork —FrancisWhitta-, .

Inspectors And Gaugers of Oils —Bart.Able, ,
and JohnSexton, .

Inspector of Buildings and Fires —John E.D.
Couzins, .

Register of Water Rates —John W.Crane, .

President Board of Assessors —Dominique
Urban, .

Managers of House of Refuge —JohnHow, ,
and Carlos S.Greeley, .

Resident Physicaian , City Hospital—Florence
M.Cornyn, .

Keeper of the Calaboose —WilliamLawler, .

Stae and County Collector's Office —Court
House—JamesMcDonough, , Collector , Stephen D.
Axtell, , SylvanCarlin, , W. K.Mitchell, , and William
F.Hardy, , Deputies .

Collector of State and County Dram Shop Li-
cense —Thomas D.P.Lanham, . Office in Court

State and County Assessors —Office in Court
House. Henry W.Williams, , Assessor . John T.
Fowler, , Clerk . F.Long, , Assistant Clerk . William
Kossack, , FrancisCist, . John J.Sutter, , and William
H.Godfrey, , Draughtsmen .

General Road Superintentdent —Office in Court
House—John F.Long, .

Inspector of Poor, and Superintendent of
Toll Gates —Office in Court House. Open from 8
A.M. to 12 M.LewisDozier, .

Jury Commissioner —Office in Court House—
Samuel W.Eager, Jr.