St. Louis directory :
Police Department.

The Police force at present consists of the Chief,
or City Marshall, two Captains, four Assistant Cap-
tains, and ten Sergeants, one hundred and ten night
watchmen, and fifty day men, all of whom are
immediately responsible to the Mayor. The first
is appointed under the new ordinance, at a salary of
$2,000 for one year. The remaining officers hold
their positions for the same period, and receive pay-
ment as follows : Captains, $1,000; Assistant Cap-
tains, $800; Sergeants, $650, and Policemen, $600.

Mayor —O. D.Filley, . Office, City Hall.

Marshall —D. A.Rawlings, . Office, City Hall.

Deputies —PeterStankewitz, and PatrickLoner-, .

Captains —CharlesKick, and John F.Fealy, .

Assistant Captains —HenryKlunk, , PeterGuar-, , WilliamLee, , and DanielBurns, .

Sergeants —WilliamBartley, , JohnFulton, , John
Eagan, , MartinDavis, , J. A.Moore, , JohnTobin, ,
RichardCarnovan, , John H.Koeler, , JohnRyan, , and
PatrickO'Neal, .